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The history and benefits of pure Caapi vine

Pure Caapi vine is available as a pure extract. Caapi vine extract is particularly good and safe because it has measurable doses. It differs from the sacred Ayahuasca brew in that it contains only Banisteriopsis caapi – and NO other plants- and it doesn’t contain Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which has psychedelic effects.

History of caapi vine

For millennia, Banisteriopsis caapi (yage, yaje) has been used for spiritual and healing purposes. Common names of the plant such as “the mother,” “vine of the soul,” and “the umbilical cord” emphasize its entheogenic uses.

Various South American indigenous groups use the extract of this plant for various purposes including children’s rite of passage into adults. Some groups, e.g. the Awajún of Peru, have always given the non-concentrated decoction of the vine to patients to help them get in touch with spirit guides for diagnosis. The men have always taken it from boyhood onwards to help them do their work as hunters and warriors and in order to stay stronger, healthier and immune to fatigue. The women have always taken it for energy before working in agriculture. Its consumption is usually performed near a waterfall or in a ceremonial house

Europeans were amazed by the effects of caapi vine when they first arrived in South America, and they caught on to the use of the sacred ayahuasca. Up to now, tourists are interested in it. However, their interest in the caapi-vine-only brew is low even though it has many health benefits.

Benefits of pure Caapi vine extract

Nerve repair in brain degenerative diseases

Caapi vine stimulates nerve repair. For this reason, some holistic health sanctuaries use it as a preparatory therapy before stem cell therapy in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Lyme disease. In animal studies, psychedelics changed brain cells by stimulating neurons into branching out and connecting with each other. In a clinical study, a single dose of caapi significantly improved motor function in Parkinson’s disease patients. The effects were strongest by the second hour and persisted up to four hours after dosage.

Nerve repair to relieve mental health problems

People who have taken caapi have reported that it alleviated depression, anxiety and stress which helped them to heal their relationships. Scientists believe that the alkaloids in it are responsible for the antidepressant effects. This is microdosing assisted by the ability of the plant to kick-start nerve repair. One study involving vertebrate and non-vertebrate animals found that caapi works by stimulating neurons into growing, branching out and reconnecting. This is a huge benefit, considering that several studies have found that people with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety have shrunk neurites in the prefrontal cortex.

Reduces substance abuse

In some drug addiction therapy centers, B. caapi is administered. The ritual context, the plant’s cathartic and purgative effects, and the psychological insights that it triggers are considered to have high healing potential.

Studies support the use of the plant for stopping substance abuse. In an online survey of 96,000 people, researchers found that caapi users (who were assisted by healers) had less problems with alcohol use than those who took magic mushrooms and LSD. The users also had a higher sense of well-being in the previous 12 months than other respondents. This is a good indication that caapi is possibly a safe and powerful remedy for alcohol disorders and drug abuse and may lead to better mental health and brain function. The scientists found this encouraging and believe that more research is required in these areas.

Improves psychic abilities

It gently and slowly improves psychic, telepathic and intuitive abilities. This is less of a shock than taking ayahuasca in a ceremony which causes these abilities to improve too intensely and too suddenly.

Improves empathy

If more people around you take the extract, you can promote social stability like the Piaroa, an ethnic group located in southern Venezuela. Piaroa shamans claim that it improves empathy which improves social cohesion.

Suppresses hunger

Those who are keen to lose weight may benefit a lot from caapi vine extract’s ability to suppress hunger.

It is a stimulant

Caapi vine is a stimulant (improves energy levels) which helps those who are working or driving long hours to stay alert.

Improves the mood

This extract can be taken to improve the mood. Apparently, some compounds in the vine enable serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine to stay longer in the brain, resulting in sensations of wellbeing, a deeper sense of serenity and even euphoria. Though it has these effects, it is not a party drug or a substance that you take for a fun ride. Use it to support your physical, mental and spiritual development. That way the benefits will continue growing.

Improves the vividness of dreams and visions

Some people have taken caapi vine extract before meditation, and it helped them to tune in to the messages and insights from the plant, in some cases in the form of inner visions. Others have taken it before going to bed and found that it helped them to have more vivid and clearer dreams.

Other effects

Studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that caapi vine extract also helps with:

  • Deeper meditative states.
  • Deeper connection to Source and to nature.
  • Better memory.
  • Positive thinking and mental awareness.
  • Improved creativity and focus.
  • Connecting to divine feminine and bringing in yin energy.

Light psychotropic effects

You will not trip hard on microdoses of caapi vine. Its psychotropic effects are much lighter, more etheric and less intense than taking DMT in the sacred ayahuasca brew. Taking microdoses of the extract will allow you to work on your issues on a subtle level, and to integrate the lessons and spiritual teachings of the vine gradually.

Ongoing Research

Now that psychedelic substances are slowly being decriminalized, there’s probably going to be more clinical research into caapi’s effectiveness in the treatment of various health conditions.


Caapi extracts are not made equal, so their strengths differ. For safety, purchase the extract from a reputable source, and from people who take the plant after requesting permission from the land. The good thing about microdosing extracts is that they come with a recommended dose which you should not exceed.

Exceeding the recommended dosage may cause you mild side effects. So far, studies have shown that using high doses of B. caapi can have adverse effects such as diarrhea, agitation, confusion/ hallucinations, moderate or severe nausea, dizziness, and involuntary movements. There is no need to be concerned because you will be taking pure caapi vine extract in microdoses. Still, it is important to be aware of these effects and to take precautions. Should you experience any unpleasant side effects, stop taking the extract or greatly lower your dose to see if there is any improvement.

Approach the use of the herb with very high respect. While the effects of taking microdoses are very subtle, the messages you will receive are still deep and powerful. Consider creating sacredness and ritual around the taking of the drops in order to maintain a connection to the spirit of the vine. Go slow, go deep, and enjoy the ride!