BioHackers Dream 2 Big Bottles – Save $100.00 – 6 Month Supply


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Biohackers Dream 2 -100ml bottles

Shaman Master Mix – 100ml
15 specifically chosen plants made into daily microdosing drops.
Ingredients: Noni, Cacao, Guanabana, Cats Claw, Cedar Colorado, Retama flower, Bloodwood, Yerba Santa, Cotochupa, Bellaco Caspy, Ishanga, Sacha Vervena, Suelda Consuelda, Renaquilla, Huito.


Our pure Bobinsana, Caapi vine, Cats Claw Microdosing Extract. – 100ml
Pure Banisteriopsis caapi Vine, Bobinsana, Cats Claw

100% pure, organic, Non GMO

Only 6 drops under your tongue a day.
100ml = approximately a six month supply.



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