Pure Caapi Vine extract

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Pure Caapi vine microdosing

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Pure Caapi vine’s active ingredients are harmine and harmaline.

100% pure, organic, Non GMO

15ml = approximately 1 month supply. Shipped to your house in 3 to 4 days ready to use.

Wholesale orders Available

1 review for Pure Caapi Vine extract

  1. Ben

    I have been using the Pure Caapi Vine extract for the past 18 months now and since the first drop landed under my tongue I felt a noticeable difference. Promoting an overall sense of calmness and serenity whilst simultaneously improving mental clarity and focus, this powerful yet subtle medicine has become a staple in my daily practice as it allows me to access and sustain deeper meditative states with far greater ease than ever before.
    I have also recommended Caapi to many friends and colleagues who suffer from anxiety and the reports received back are all positive. So blessed to have found this unique alternative medicine outlet. Thank You!

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